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Long-distance Relationship, from Lucknow

‘All the characters, incidents and places in this article are fictitious. Resemblance to any person living or dead or any incident or place is purely coincidental.’ 


“What are Adjustment Entries? Anyone?” The professor pricked the aura of silence in the class.

A class filled with vacuous stares of poor engineers, with an exception of a delighted, bright soul.

Shilpa answered the question in a sharpest possible way and right at that moment, a single thought punched the entire class –“a FRA lecture from Shilpa!”

But, one not-so-bright soul, seated right behind Shilpa, was delighted too. For reasons unknown.



“Hi. It’s me.” It was Piya.

“Hey, I am busy with something. Can I call you back?”

“Sure.” The response from Piya was timid and the ‘sure’ did taste a bit acrid. But, it was definitely better than a war cry.

[For all those who cannot make out a story without the ‘character introduction’ part, let me do the honours.

Piya is a girl. And Rahul is a boy. (That forms the shrewdest introduction that I have ever

written :P)  Sarcasm apart, let me rephrase it.

Piya, from the story, is a blood-sucking vampire. And Rahul, from the story, as she feels, is her prey for life. (Ah!  Writers should avoid being extremely histrionic. That’s a sign of bad writing)]

The war had just been delayed for better or worse.

Amidst the CV submissions and MM-I project group discussions, it turned 3 am in the morning. ‘Devil’s hour’ as they call it. And, the devil did call.

“Hello” I answered the call.

“What are you doing?” Piya whipped the question directly from Mumbai.

“FRA. There’s a quiz tomorrow.” I replied miserably.

“You know whenever I talk to you these days, I feel as if I am reading Economic Times. You, with all your FRAs and MMs and BIOs and ITCs and hell…It all sounds like reading some GDP forecast!”

For all the ignorant minds, let me make it clear – this is how a ‘Phd in Psychology’ girlfriend sounds like. She always thinks of herself as being the master of all trades.

“Can I call you back, Piya? I am in the middle of something.” I turned insipid.

I had other important things to deal with.

“Can I call you back???” Piya repeated annoyingly. “You broken piece of record. Don’t call me back.” And she cut the call.

Without giving it a second thought, I got back to the GDP forecasting (:P how foolish was that!!) – I mean I divulged myself into FRA.

A few days and nights passed by. It was a time when weekend din’t seem like one. Not that I was into the pain of longing for Piya. The CV iterations were my first priority.  Piya was last. How could I violate the typical shrewd-boyfriend protocol! (The protocol is prevalent in most parts of Mumbai.)

However, during this period, I did research about LDR (read Long-distance Relationships).

And as the MM-I effect would have it, I came across the 3Cs of managing a LDR – Communication, Commitment and Clear preference. I just had to start with a CP sheet and come up with a working strategy. : )

But before that, during one night at the Devil’s hour (how could she miss that time! It suited her), I picked up her call.

“Hello.” I muttered, half asleep.

“What are you wearing?”

What in God’s name was that? Din’t seem like a conversation-starter question at all.

“It’s been just an hour since I slept. I have a BIO presentation tomorrow.” I muttered again.

“What are you wearing?” The voice, now sensual, repeated.

I had to reply. Though in the form of a mutter.

“I am wearing a black business suit. It’s the most comforting thing to wear in bed. You should try it sometimes…hmmm” And the phone fell off my hand as I dived deep in dreamless slumber.

And, the next day, one more not-so-bright soul, was delighted too. It was his Independence Day, for he was sure that the devil won’t return again!


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  1. July 13, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    awesome stuff!!

  2. Gaurav
    July 14, 2012 at 3:01 pm


  3. July 14, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    awesome bro…more or less suits me too…

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